Why I started a blog.

Lets be honest, I started this blog as an excuse to keep posting pictures of myself. Yes, there is truth in that, but thats not all. Many people know me from the hashtag #hayetisonadiet (too late, don't search for it). After a long journey battling with weight-loss and weight-gain and then one more round of weight-loss I realized that life wasn't just about dieting. I woke up one day and realized that a few years ago I was praying to have the job I have now, the life I have now and most importantly I was praying to have the body I have now. So I am taking a pause. A pause to celebrate the woman that I am now, and live every inch of it.


I don't know if you have ever met me, but I am very unpredictable and I want the blog to be just about that. But okay I will say that there will be lots of fashion. The best part about a healthier life is that you get to stop spending money on medical bills and more money on clothing :-) When I feel like cooking I might just post that too, as well as a healthy dose of my unapologetic opinion about issues that girls like me face.

Just remember one thing... everything I share is a personal story or an experience, so technically you cannot really argue with my feelings!


That Hayet Rida