Hair & Face Rundown - Featuring Shop Total Chicness

New Hair who dis? or no?

So many of you have messaged me about my new fall hairdo! I have ALWAYS wanted to go curly, but lets be hair can never be THAT curly, and I am not on the team natural boat. I searched high and low, and did a TON of research before I settled on a specific hair to use. I ended up settling on this Brazilian curly from Shop Total Chicness, this is a brand I grew to trust as the owner was super sweet and talked me through the whole process. Rather than give a full review, here are the questions I had and how the hair lived up to them.

What would happen to my real hair?

My hair literally breaks off when it gets cold, and so protecting my hair was extremely important to me. I opted to go full on protective styling, by getting a curly closure. It took some getting used to as it meant I had to wear the same part, but it saved me from having to curl my real hair everyday.

How big did I want the hair?

I knew that I wanted volume in the hair, but I didn't want to have an afro size curly web. I ended up going with three bundles, and then a closure. What I loved about this hair was that if i wanted more volume, I separated out the curls by running my fingers through them. 

How would I maintain the curl pattern?

Let me tell you...when it comes to hair...I am L A Z Y! The great thing about this hair was that all I had to do was wet it, and then BAM the exact curl pattern came right back. I even tried my hands at the wet hair look by simply putting in some gel, leave-in conditioner and mousse (wet look lasted about three hours before the hair returned to its dry curly state).

How long could I keep the hair?

I knew that I couldn't stay curly forever, and after about four weeks I would switch the hair. The good news is that I was guaranteed that this hair could last me ages if I cared for it well. I have had it in my hair for a month now, and still love it. I plan to keep it on rotation this winter.

Where can you buy the hair???? (Link below)

Brazilian Curly Hair - (HERE)

Brazilian Curly Closure - (HERE)

Scroll below for the makeup download.

I am no makeup artist, I work with the talented Tiffany Morrison, who continues to slay my face for events and shoots. For this shoot we got to play around with Lancome products and some of the amazing pieces from the Taraji Collection. A list of all the products I used are below!!!


Foundation: Lancome Miracle Cushion (Using color Suede 500 W - Available HERE)

Primer - Lancome pore erasing primer (HERE)

Mascara - Lancome Grandiose Extreme (HERE)

Bronzer -  "Taraji Glow"  (HERE)

Highlighter - "The Truth" from the Mac Taraji Collection (HERE)

Lips - Mac "Strip Me Down" from the Taraji Collection (HERE)

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