The Ebay Holiday Giftguide

The holidays aren’t even fully here, and I am already stressed. Every year, I have a good idea of what I want to get for my sister, and myself. I always leave those gifts to the last because I want them to be the most unique. Sadly, this year I was hit with the worst phrase known to shopaholics…”SOLDOUT”

My sister wanted a specific Off-White bag and I had been searching all over. Long story short, I actually found it…and its not in the way you would imagine.


Believe it or not, I got my sisters gift on Ebay this year. Yes you read that right, and she is probably reading this too. The best part about Ebay is being able to find items that are one of a kind or may be soldout. I am not new to this, every single time I go into a store and cannot find something in my size, I go straight to ebay.

From talking to my friends, I know that so many people may be hesitant about shopping on Ebay. So here are some facts and things to know.

  1. I don’t want to buy someone’s used items.
    1. This is definitely a personal preference for many people. I myself do not mind purchasing a gently used bag from Ebay, or a dress that someone has worn one. However, over 81% of items on Ebay are brand new, so there is something for everyone.
  2. I hate bidding on items, I don’t have time.
    1. Girl, me too. I used to be an avid bidder, but I have rejection issues and hate losing. Over the years Ebay has introduced the Buy Now feature which allows you to purchase the item at a flat rate. While this depends on the seller, over 88% of items on there are actually Buy Now. Eg. The bag I got my sissy.
  3. How do I know the item will be real.
    1. This is probably one of the biggest things many people are scared of. Thankfully, Ebay uses industry experts to verify the authenticity of items. In addition the buyer guarantee means that if you buy something you aren’t so sure about, you can return it.

I am really happy with my purchase this season, and have actually began hunting for a pair of shoes that my mom has had her eye on for months. 

To give you some inspiration for items you can buy as gifts from Ebay, see some links below. As always I am here to answer any questions you may have.



This post was created in partnership with Ebay. All opinions are unapologetically mine!