How To Wear What You Want...When You Want

How To Wear What You Want...When You Want

One of the best parts of confidence is having the audacity to wear whatever you want. No matter the season, I still look for super chic ways to express my style. In some cases it means super bright colors...and in other cases it means taking some un-expected pieces and making them work for a different season.

I recently spent some time on the Express website, looking through their full range of dresses. I knew I wanted something chic, but not too bright...which is when I spotted this amazing dress. I know, it looks like something I should have saved for next summer...but remember what I said about wearing what you want? 

I had some hesitations with the sizing so I actually went into my local store to try it on before ordering it online. To help make it a bit more seasonal, I added this perfect oversized wool coat I found in white. Believe it or not, I actually do not own a white coat and this was a perfect compliment to the dress. The best part is that it is warm enough but still super cute.

In true Hayet fashion, I needed a bit of character to the look, so I added in a bold Express bag. This bag is one of a kind and has a different take on the traditional basket totes. To tie the whole look together, I also threw in a bee ring that I found on their site. I will say I was pretty impressed with their collection of bold rings, and had options between this and even a large butterfly number.

Have a look below and shop some of my favorite Express pieces at the end!




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