Giving Back with Macy's


I love being a part of amazing experiences that support a great cause. A few weeks ago I got to work with the amazing team at Macy’s in Old Orchard to help bring a huge smile to the face of a deserving veteran. If you have visited this specific store over the last few weeks, you will notice that they are working hard to make some amazing upgrades in and around the store…so it was only fitting that we gave a deserving woman an upgrade too!!!!


The fun part was that I didn’t have to do this all by myself. I got to work with the AMAZING team at MAcy’s My Stylist. IF you didn’t know, this is actually a free service offered in store that pairs you with a one on one stylist who is able to help curate your perfect look using the amazing brands offered in the store.

We spent some time pulling key looks together for our amazing winner…but before we got to dressing her we got to go meet her and share her story!!!


Before Veronica got her makeup done by the Macy’s team, I got to sit and chat with her about her story! This woman is nothing short of amazing. She is a veteran, a leader and a fighter who works hard to support fellow veterans through her work with Bunker Labs. IF you have never heard of Bunker Labs, they are a non profit organization with a mission to inspire, equip and connect military veterans through entrepreneurship.

Knowing a bit of background, I got to talk to Veronica about her current style and where she wanted us to push her. The good news is that she was super open to Juanita and I taking her style to a whole new level…and for me that meant putting her in lots of color. We got her into makeup and went shopping through the store!!

Juanita and I took to the Macy’s floor to pull nothing but bold prints and color!!!!

From there, we were ready to get Veronica in some AMAZING looks…and to be honest seeing her confidence lift as soon she had color on left me so so happy!!!!

For her final look I really wanted her to own the look, embrace the bold prints and shine like the Queen she is. I took her outside and gave her a super quick lesson on being a blogger…and she definitely gave me a run for my money!!!

IF the day didn’t get any better, I got to gift Veronica with a $1000 Macy’s gift card to pick up her favorite items from the store!!!!

Thank you to Macy’s and the My Stylist team for giving me an opportunity to give back to the community we live in!!!!

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