The Only Winter Coat For My Curves

Yesterday I posted this really cool video, makeup all done, wig laid flat and blended…lip gloss succulent….but did you all notice? NO! Everyone wanted to know about my coat. Y’all are worse than the guys I tried to impress in high school.

BUT…I realized a larger problem…finding warm coats in plus sizes was actually a big problem for many of you. So I went out In the cold and shot this look for this post for you all!!!

Now I won’t share many coats, only coats that I own…because we are all family and I know you trust what I share. SO here are the three winter coats for the curves!!!

So here is the thing… to see me in a coat alone is a sight to see. I don’t like coats that keep me warm because In my mind they are ugly and I will look like missy Elliot in that video where she was a balloon. Yes that one!

It took me ages to find this coat that kept me super warm but was also sleek. Fair warning it is a bit pricey but I have had it for over 5 years. Wearing an xl! I included a couple lengths and fur options of the same jacket below. Please note that if the price is super high, make sure to check eBay and amazon!

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