Lessons from the Big Easy - SonderStay Review

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There is something about New Orleans that slows you down. A perfect juxtaposition of a city that almost always stays up past their bedtime. Last weekend I went to NOLA with bae for a quick weekend getaway. If you follow my story you would know that last year I visited NOLA on my first solo trip and it was one of those defining moments in who I am as a woman. SO this year I was too excited to come back and show J around the city…so much so that I tried to wake him up at 10am…lets just say it didn’t work.

But the beauty of that moment taught me how to sit my butt down and not always have to go and experience every inch of the world to feel like I have lived. A lot of times I measure how much I know by what I have seen, or how much I have experienced the world by how many places I have been. But this weekend I sat down and just sat. Not on my phone, not thinking too much about the world. Just sat.

And it helped that I actually liked the place I was sitting quietly in….

This trip I wanted to try something beyond a standard one room hotel, I really wanted to feel at home and a part of the city which had almost become my home. I had heard about Sonder properties through one of my blogger friends Kellie. If I give you any piece of advice this is the place to stay! This one bedroom apartment made me want to pack all my things and leave Chicago.

The beauty was that J and I didn’t feel like we kept bumping into each other. There was enough room in the kitchen, the living room and even the bathroom for us to be together but still have space to have quiet time. The kitchen was way nicer than the one I had We stayed in the CBD neighborhood of New Orleans that was really quiet and homey, but still only a couple blocks from the main canal street area.

I am officially now spoiled because they have locations in Dc, San Francisco, San Diego, Boston, New York, Phoenix, Miami, Montreal, Austin , Houston, London, and even Rome!

If you have any travel plans make sure to check them out here!!!!

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