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If you are like me, you have a favorite song that you may hum from time to time but associate no meaning to it. But to be honest overtime I put on a pair of shoes I ask myself if they were made for walking…to the tune of “you know what”. I know many of you have heard me raving about Rothys shoes. I first got them when I heard about them from a friend, and as soon as I put them on, I knew.

My first test for a shoe is how long I have to wait to break them in, or how long I have to wait until it stops scuffing at my heels. The best news you will ever hear is that my Rothys didn’t need any of that. They fit like a glove when I put them on and caused no pain, the only pain was having to take them off and wear other shoes.


The good news is I didn’t have to take them off for long. The amazing team at Rothy’s challenged me to take my shoes on a mini tour of my favorite city Chicago!!!! Lets just say, I put these walking shoes to work!!!!


My first stop was Chicago’s finest Navy Pier. This place holds a sentimental space in my heart. When I first moved to Chicago almost 6 years ago, I had an apartment that overlooked the Ferris wheel. I remember feeling alone in the city and not knowing anyone at all. In the evenings after work I would take long walks along the pier and come up with ideas of how I wanted my life to shape out. Till this day, anytime I am stuck, I find myself back here. Oh, and I have enjoyed the occasional date night here as well. Lets just say this spot is as dynamic as you want it to be! Ha!

I wanted to stand apart from the sea of metal so I paired my bold Rothy’s Point Shoe with a suit look, a perfect representation of the growth of my inner personality and wilder style.

If you know anything about Chicago, it is probably about its attractive weather. During the winter months the city I love so much can honestly test my little heart!!!But in all situations in life, sometimes you just need to find your own OASIS!!!! The oasis at the children’s museum is one of my very own secret gardens. I first stumbled upon it while trying to find the ladies room years ago. It is perfectly situated in an area that is hard to miss, but easy to get lost in.

This is one of the places I sneak away to from time to time, if only as an excuse to feel the tropical nature of my home country Ghana.

My last stop was the amazing Fairground’s cafe. This spot has been the birthplace of many of my ideas. I people watch here, I rest here before and after therapy and on nice days I sit here to be inspired. The tiles on the floor are my absolute favorite and the perfect backdrop for my Rothy;s persimmon flats. This color has the ability to lift your mood higher than any cup of coffee can!!! TRUST ME!!!

Since writing this post, I have taken these shoes on many trips in the states and overseas…my only hesitation with them is that I wish they came in the ENTIRE rainbow….all you need to hear from me is that these shoes are worth every penny and you will thank me later!!!

Shop some of my favorite ones below!

This post was sponsored by Rothy’s . all opinions are proudly my own!

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