My New Fave Poncho

183A9162 2.JPG

Let’s talk about Ponchos. For years I avoided wearing them because I thought they couldn’t be styled in nice ways and I kept saying to myself, “who wants to walk around with a blanket on their shoulders.” I am here to let you know that I finally found a poncho that changed the game for me. I got this piece from FoxCroft at Bloomingdales. To be honest, I had never actually thought about shopping for plus size  pieces at Bloomingdale’s but they actually have several brands that cater to the curves.

 Now back to this specific piece. I really couldn’t believe how soft the fabric was, and the best part is that the cut is dynamic. This means you can wear it off shoulder, you can wear it almost like a jacket and then you can also wear it wrapped around you. I have worn it all those ways depending on where I am going. Not only has this come in handy for my day to day style, but during travel time this is an amazing addition!!!

Have a look below at how I wore this piece and enjoy all the links of more plus items I have at at the end of this post.