Getting a ring at 30!!!


When I was 10, in between memorizing lyrics to Spice Girls and ensuring my tamagochi didn’t die, I wrote down a list of things I wanted to achieve by the age of 30. I wanted to travel the world, live in a big mansion, get married to Michael Jackson and most importantly get a ring.

Now to be honest, I don’t know if Michael Jackson was meant to buy me the ring, and I have no way of asking my ten year old self…but lets just say the last 30 years of my life have been a journey to achieve as many of those goals as possible.

With my 30s fast approaching I came back to this idea of the ring. I have been one to buy myself jewelry at every memorable moment in my life. Simply because I have this dream of passing heirloom pieces to my kids and telling them the sentimental stories behind each piece. I spent months looking for the perfect ring but kept catching myself saying…” It would be perfect if it just had X” I knew the next step was to customize a ring but when you hear the word customization it often comes with a million 000s and enough commas to have you dizzy.

I am here to tell you that a few weeks ago, my design dreams came true when I found a Jewelry Company in Chicago named Ivy and Rose. The number one thing that drew me to them was that they specialized in custom pieces and were willing and actually excited to bring my ring vision to life. The entire process was so beautiful and an ode to craftmanship  that I thought I would share it with you all.

Step 1: Ring Consult

This part was both fun and nerve wrecking. Before our first consult, I took a look at their site and made a moodboard of all the rings that I thought would be perfect for me. I wanted a round ring with lots of diamonds. However, when I went in and started to try on dozens of rings, I fell in love with an Emerald cut ring instead. Simply seeing it on my finger was what sold it to me.

Step 2: The Customization process

One of the key things that Ivy and rose offers is the ability to customize your ring from shape, size, color, number of diamonds, color of diamonds and even allowing you to engrave special messages or lettering. I remember initially feeling worried about telling them all the many little things I wanted changed, but as I listed them the amazing team just kept agreeing. unfortunately this has now set the standard for how I expect everyone to behave i’m my real life :-)

I really want to share all the things I got customized, but you actually have to wait to see the real ring for it all to make sense. I promise it is worth it.

Step 3: The ring process

I was grateful to the team for giving me insight into how the ring was actually made. I love a craft story, but being able to see, interact and laugh with the people making the most special item was amazing. Have a look at the entire process below.


The in house CAD designer creates a rendering of the design which was sent to me for approval.


next Is to grow a wax version of the ring using a 3d printer (this is what is used to cast the ring)

183A1420 2.JPG

The 3d model ready to be cast.

A “tree” is attached to the wax to create a path for the molten metal.

mold is created around the wax and heated so that the wax melts, leaving space for the gold.

The ring is cut off of the “branch” to remove the excess metal.

up next, the Ivy and Rose production manager selects the stones that will be set in the ring and makes sure that they all match.

During the pre-polish phase, the ring is prepared for stone setting.

One of the most amazing parts is seeing when all of the stones are set into the ring.

Once the stones are all set in place, the head engraver takes over to inscribe my message.

Right before the ring is ready for pickup, it is given one last polish!!!


and yes, that is a sneak peek at my final ring :-)

The best part about the entire process was that this level of customization didn’t come with a big price tag. As you think through your last minute Christmas gifts, this is a perfect idea for something that is only special but can be passed down for years to come.

Check out their website HERE

and check out the ring I picked as the base for customization HERE