Day to Night with Stitch Fix


This year I have started altering the way I approach style. I am investing less in full bold looks, and rather having a good range of statement pieces that I can use to build on my outfits. 

This past week, I received a Stitch Fix box. For someone like me with a very specific style, I am usually hesitant for other people to dress me. But the good news was that I was able to send uber specific instructions to the in house stylist. I basically told her I didn't want anything that wasn't bold or unique....and she didn't disappoint.

What I was sent fit my style perfectly!!! I had a range of bold patterned tops and skirts, but my fave were the jackets. Have a look at how I styled for day and night below. 


I used to be the one who wanted to overdo every night time look if even it meant sacrificing comfort. What I loved about this look was that I was very comfortable while being super chic. The Jacket did all the talking for me, and the soft fabric meant that it was as comfortable as it looked.


For the daytime I hang up my chic crown for a minute and put on my slay crown. I love to wear softer colors to add a feminine look to it. I am going through a Pink phase right now and so anything within that tone wins my heart.

My favorite thing about this look was that this jacket has the structure of a Motor Jacket but it is soft fabric which makes it super comfortable. Honestly I wish more motor jackets came in this fabric because it is the best thing ever!!!!

If you have never tried a Stitch Fix box, you can do so HERE