Adding color and texture to my minimalist home with Room & Board


Two years ago, I stripped my home of all its color. And while I love minimalist design, having a colorless home was an emotional choice too. I was at a very confused place in my life and I had too many distractions. Living in my home with its dark blue walls, super colorful masks and artwork felt like going to one of those Instagram museums where everything hits you at once in all sorts of shapes and hues.

My home in 2015

My home in 2015

Going minimal had a calming effect on me. My home was a blank (and white) canvas where I could paint my own story - a story of what I wanted my life to be. The splashes of green from plants here and there made me feel relaxed. I had a clear mind and I actually started to enjoy simply sitting down and letting my mind wander.

My home in 2017

My home in 2017

Fast forward to last year - my home felt bare. I had curated so many new stories, experiences and knowledge and I had a longing to look around my home and see that reflected back to me. That is when I decided it was time for a redo. 

My mother is an interior designer so growing up, our home never looked the same for long. I’ve inherited this search for newness from her, and while I do like simple things - it was time to re-introduce color and textures into my minimalist home. And not just in the way we see it done on Pinterest, but in a way that embodies the woman I am today, the places I’ve been and the places I am going to.

Speaking of Mama, I wanted to hire an interior designer so badly for this project…but I knew I couldn’t afford one. And lets be honest…asking my African mom to redecorate my home would definitely not end well - AT ALL!

In my search for services I found out that Room & Board offers a free design service to all their clients! I used to think that really nice stores like Room & Board were out of my budget…But in reality, what actually doesn’t fit my budget anymore, is replacing cheap couches ALL THE TIME! So free design service in hand, I visited Room & Board to give my minimalist home some Rida flavor, sans mama.

to start the process, we used a blue print of my apartment to create a digital overview of my living room (the room we would be redecorating) in their design studio. you can get a blue print of your apartment from the building management, if you were wondering! ;)

The DIGITAL BLUE PRINT SHOWED us how much space we had to work with, and every time i found a piece with my name on it, we could see exactly how it looked in the space thanks to the fancy Room & Board software. try as i might, my pinterest boards can’t do that! lol.

speaking of furniture, i knew that i wanted a chaise this time. i work from my couch a lot, so i wanted to create a space where i could lay down comfortably, put my feet up, and also sit up straight when I need to.

Next we looked at colors. This was a hard decision because THIS is where I had to find middle ground BETWEEN MY MINIMALIST HOME AND THE colors I SO DESPERATELY wanted back into my space. I settleD on naturally occurring colorS TO REPRESENT MY African culture IN A way that felt cosy AND WARM. This meant browns, grays and other neutrals - HAHA, I CAN’T GET RID OF MINIMALIST hAYET ALTOGETHER NOW!

After settling on THE couch and colors, I addED in some accessories that would bring my personality and culture to life. I was SOOO impressed that Room & Board had a wide selection of African crafts that directly benefited artisans in countries such as Ghana. Lets just say you can take the girl out of Africa, but you can never take Africa out of the girl! ADD TO THAT SOME PERSONAL ITEMS COLLECTED ON MY TRAVELS AND PHOTOS OF ME AND MY LOVE, AND WE HAD A WINNER!

I NOW ENJOY THE PEACE OF MINIMALISM, AND THE COMFORTS OF COLOR, IN ONE SETTING - MY HOME. ROOM & BOARD BELIEVES THAT modern isn't a trend to be chased; BUT a way of living - and I think my designer mama would agree! when designing your living space and incorporating trends, always do this on your terms. your minimalist home is open to interpretation - and i think that’s what makes it all the more beautiful.