Stocking up on Always and Tampax at Meijer

At the start of every year, after I make my resolutions and give myself a pep talk, I begin my annual stock up. I learned this from my older sister who would always encourage me to buy bulk at the start of the year to minimize how many store runs I need to make throughout the next twelve months.  My stock ups include paper products, beauty products, soaps and period products. 

This year, in my stock up trip to my local Meijer, I piled up on period products because of a sale going on in-store with Tampax and Always products. This sale worked perfectly for me because these are the guaranteed products that will be needed constantly throughout the year!

 At home, I store these nicely in my bathroom closet and even put spare pads in my gym bag, workbag and even my purse! Hey, you never know when you might need one, or someone else too. My favorite part is the fun print on the Always and Tampax Radiant lines. They are a piece of art themselves!!!

As you shop for your stock up this year, or while you are grocery shopping at your local Meijer…go ahead and head to the feminine care aisle to stock up. This week only (from now until 1/26) when you spend $15 on packs of Always and/or Tampax, get $3 off your purchase.



Happy Shopping!!!

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