Design your dream closet - The Container Store

You may have been following along on my new home redo with The Container Store, and I am excited to share the latest installation…my dream closet. 

If you are like me, you have spent hours oooing and aching at some of Instagram’s best closet goals. For years I thought fancy, cool closets were not a thing that was affordable and I settled for the basics. That’s when The Container Store came in! I was able to take advantage of their Elfa Closet System sale going on now, as well as their always free design service which gave me the perks of custom design, without the hole in my pocket.

To begin the process, I met with the amazing team at the South loop location. For an hour I got to sit with Carla and discuss my closet requirements. what did i need in this space? what functionality couldn’t i live without? what would be a really bad idea?

To me, a custom closet needed to be functional and aesthetically pleasing. because honestly, who cares about instagram when you can’t reach or find your shit in the morning?! this was not my first rodeo and i was not going to be distracted by pretty things! well, at least not for too long.

Next, we focused on my beauty bar. For years I have had a mirror and a table but I needed to make sure my new  design matched my habits perfectly. To be honest, I needed to avoid the huge mess I make every morning and that meant I needed all my brushes in one space and all my makeup exactly where i could see it.

Two days after my consult, the container store sent me proofs containing my exact requirements - the first look at my custom closet and beauty bar!

like magic, the installation team assembled everything without a glitch. this was about two weeks after my consultation with carla. seeing the closet take shape was very exciting - not just because everything was so beautiful and polished, but because the custom design maximized and brought order to the space without being overfull. it’s amazing what the right products can do!

Here are some of the items i picked out for my dream closet…

remember, a seamless custom design relies on accurate measurements - so measure, measure, and measure again!

Even if you’re not in the market for a new closet space there are tons of options for creating organized peace - affordably! Check out some of my other posts with the container store Here and Here.