Save Time While Shopping With Trunk Club

My travel schedule has been crazy of late, and all those flights can really throw my schedule out of whack! Therapy, gym, time with loved ones  - these are just some of the things I sacrifice when I am on the road. Because my time is already split finely between work, work and more work, I’ve learned to consider what is important and outsource the rest. 

I do this in my business all the time, and now, thanks to Trunk Club’s personal styling service, I can get someone to help me out when I don’t have time to shop! I’ve talked about how much I love their service before, but here’s a refresher in case you missed it.

Trunk Club is a Nordstrom Company, and carries petite, plus sizes and maternity wear. With clothing ranging from $40 - $300,  your Trunk Club experience is personalized to match your lifestyle, and budget! 

I will always enjoy doing my own online shopping, but when I’m in a pinch, it’s so helpful to jot down a list of style requirements for my Trunk Club stylist, who then curates pieces that match my personal style.

The Process

i am a visual person, so I created Pinterest boards for my Trunk Club stylist so that she could see exactly what I had in mind to wear. After chatting back and forth about what I was looking for, I received a Trunk Preview containing my stylist’s selections. I had 48 hours to give her feedback on the items (I could also see the price of the items), after which she made some changes and shipped off my Trunk (each Trunk contains 10 - 12 pieces of clothing/accessories).

I had five days to try everything on and return the items that I didn’t want to keep. This was a relatively painless process and I stan a company with an easy returns process!!

Things you need to know

  • There’s a $25 styling fee that is credited toward whatever you choose to keep in your Trunk – and the styling fee is waived if you’re a Nordstrom cardmember! 

  • Before your Trunk ships, your stylist will send a Trunk Preview for you to review and provide any feedback on items.

  • You will be charged for the items you keep once your returns have been received by Trunk Club.

  • In addition to receiving Trunks to your home, you can visit one of their six Clubhouse locations to meet and shop with a Trunk Club stylist in person (locations in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, DC, Los Angeles, NYC).

You will love this if:

  • You feel like hiring a personal stylist is out of your reach

  • You prefer higher quality items from upscale brands

  • You are unsure about your personal style and need some help figuring it out

  • You can’t be bothered with browsing the online shops for hours

If you have a good grasp of your size (across brands), and desire clothing items that will give you a jolt of confidence at home, in the office or out on the town, Trunk Club is a great option for you! Get started with Trunk Club here.