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So you made it through Thanksgiving holidays. Maybe your mother in law peeked into your junk closet…maybe she didn’t. Now you are getting ready for the main holiday of the year and you are going to be playing hostess with the mostest!!!

The truth is, you are going to need help this year and your sister in law or cousin is going to offer…but imagine when she asks you where you store the special spices? Or imagine if your brother in law offers to hang everyones coats and realizes your coat closet is just another episode of hoarders.

This post will be of help to you!!! I will take you through some of the special closets I got ready this season!


The kitchen area is definitely one of the places where everyone gathers, and half the time I get asked questions about where I keep items. If you are like me, you know where everything is, big you can’t seem to direct anyone because you can only remember by looking. TO avoid that this year, I worked with professional organizer Kayla Jeter to add some love to my kitchen cabinets.

One of my biggest goals was to take everything out of packaging and put into clear glass containers. Whether it was the spices, or my favorite bouillon cubes…we made sure that they were clearly visible but also stylish!!!

We also extended this into the drawers which often get cluttered with cutlery , wine openers, can openers and every kitchen tool. With easy drawer organizers, we were able to line everything up in a way that was convenient to find.

The bathroom is probably my second biggest pain point. I am guilty of looking through peoples bathroom cabinets and I was always so jealous of folks who had things arranged so easily and Pinterest worthy. I also wanted to design a bathroom cabinet that made it easy to get ready everyday, because guess who isn’t going to be 30minutes late to an event again simply because they couldn’t find a hair-tie!!

We opted for gold canisters to keep items organized. The canisters with clear bottoms were used for items that I need everyday to allow me to quickly grab and go. While the non clear canisters were used for my skin products (mostly the small samples). These are the types of items that usually create visual clutter so we found a way to tuck them away neatly.

For the larger products that.I use everyday, we found a nice basket that kept them all together, that way when you open the cabinet door you don’t have to risk everything falling out.

And the best part, if one of your guests asks for something, you simply say its in the bathroom cabinet… :-)


Lastly I tackled the coat closet. For years, this closet has been my very own junk collection area. Unopened packages, clothes I should give away but don’t…and boxes of papers and books. I want ed to make this into a real coat closet, but also a space where I could store items that I didn’t need. (Eg. stickups of makeup, beauty products etc.)

We used nice white bins to create visual cleanliness and organized them using clips so I wouldn’t have to go rummaging through each one every single time. TO also keep movement in this closet, we used Elfa drawers to help me create a visual to-do list. Also known as no more unforgotten packages of mail.

If you already aren’t a POP member of The Container Store, you should definitely sign up as you can get 15% off your order. I have come to love organizing my home and I will be the first to tell you that it not only lifts your mood but creates what I like to call organized peace.