Tummy Time

I usually do not do this, but one of my darling followers sent me a message about her insecurity with her larger tummy, and how she could never wear fabulous clothing because of that. I told her that I had the same insecurity and would put myself out there to prove to her that if I could do it, she could do it too!

So to all my darlings out there, I grew up hating my tummy too. It has been pinched, tickled, pointed out and questioned for years. To be honest, I am still incredibly insecure about it. I don't wear fitting clothing without something to cover it up. I still get worried everytime someone looks  at me. I have tried every diet, starved myself and tried all the teas to try and change this part about me. 

But, but, but.

One day I had to ask myself how I was going to live a thankful life without loving every single part of me. I had to realize that if I wanted to live in a world where people learned to love me, I had to treat my body the same way. I have to accept that my life has so much more to it than finding time to hate the parts of me that ultimately sustain me.

I may never be perfect, and you may never see me show my tummy this way again. But know that this post was a healthy step in the direction of fully trying one more time to love every inch of me.

Thank you for inspiring me to do this. 



Style notes:
I am wearing a 16 in the skirt, it is quite fitting so do size up. I am wearing a 14 in the jacket, it is really oversized and I may have worn it too many times. The bodice inside has very little support, so I have included better ones below. Shoes are a size 11.