BBQ Day Style with Express!

Memorial day weekend is on its way, and if you are like probably have a couple of BBq's you will be hitting up. This year, my darling friend Leah is having a bday bbq which I will be attending (and taking Jollof rice). 

I am a serial up-dresser...which is a condition that means I do not know how to dress casually. WELLLL, I gave myself another challenge with the bbq mindset. For an event like that, I always want to feel comfortable with flow clothing, but also feel very very chic. 

For this look, I went with a flow off shoulder top from Express. I actually had more fun shopping on express than I imagined. I was definitely surprised to see that a lot of their really chic and modern clothing fit my curvier body (which is always a win). 

This top was very flowy which means I can eat a lot at the bbq, but not so flowy that it looks way too oversized. I paired it with casual jeans and added a lovely pop with the earrings that I also picked up at Express. (Having the earrings helps elevate the look, while still having that casual feel to it).

For reference, I am wearing a size xl in the top from Express. I have also linked some of my casual faves from their site below.

Thank you to the Express team for patterning with me on this post.