A Cozy Winter Winter With Stitch Fix

My favorite winter pastime isn’t ice skating or playing in the snow. I am proudly a winter home body and that is one of my fave parts of the season. 

I love that movie feeling where you are snuggled up with the coziest blanket, the softest music (Jhene Aiko for me) and the most beautiful literature. There is something so peaceful about that level of calm. It keeps me grounded and humble. Crazy to think I work so hard to be able to take this time away and do nothing in my own home…but I love it.


Every winter I spend time curating the best textures for my hibernation. I buy pillows blankets and candles all to create the mood. This year I added another level to my comfort…the coziest sweaters. Its mind-blowing that this isn’t something I never thought about, since it is the closest thing to my skin. I am still pretty new to the sweater game so here are the things I look for.

1.     Is it cute enough to dress up outside the house?

2.     Is it comfy enough to sit in, sleep in and cuddle in?

3.     Does it itch? 

Being new to the sweater game means that I want every kind of sweater, but this year I tried something new…the Stitch Fix cozy sweater box. I have worked with Stitch Fix previously for my everyday and dressy clothes so I was excited when I received a box filled with all the cozies from some amazing brands like RD Style, Lauren Ralph Lauren and Eira.. 

Check out some of the items below that I tried on in the box.

I loved that I didn’t get just sweaters but super comfortable pieces I could also wear out of the house for errands like this lightweight but warm Market and Spruce jacket. And yes I also put it to the can I wear it at home, and can I wear it dressed up test

If you are barking at the cost of buying a million sweaters this winter, give a box a try. You keep what you want, and send back what you don’t…and the best part is everything is beautifully curated by one of their in house stylists so you get to let them know what you like and don’t like.

Have a look HERE