Everything You Need to Know About SKIMS

I’ve never liked shapewear. Whenever I came across it I always heard the same story: “Hate your body? We can fix that.” I didn’t want to buy into the idea that I was trying to contort my shape to fit a certain standard of beauty or that I wasn’t happy with myself just the way I am. But more than any moral I wanted to uphold, I don’t like shapewear because that shit is uncomfortable. 

You can’t sit in shapewear. You can’t breathe. You can’t just be a normal person living life! You’re always reminded that you’re wearing it either by the cutting pain squeezing in on your midsection or the constant need to readjust. With all that said, you can guess my initial reaction to the news of Kim Kardashian’s shapewear line SKIMS. Not buying it. 

I was more than ready to pass SKIMS off, but the number of plus-size bodies in the campaign caught my eye. Moreover, these bodies didn’t look like they were slowly suffocating underneath multiple, tight layers of lycra. That was enough to convince me to try it. 

With my alarm set for the launch and computer fingers poised, I went to purchase one of everything. I was only able to snag a few items (the people want their shapewear, okay?!), but now that those pieces have arrived I can safely admit I’m prepared to buy every item in every single color. Hands down, this is the best shapewear I’ve ever tried. 

Straight out of the package I was scared. The items looked like a two-year-old’s swimsuit. Who the hell was going to get in this?! But that fabric stretches for days and, surprisingly, doesn’t feel constricting once on. 

I decided to take the Sculpting Bodysuit Mid Thigh in the color Oxide (2x/3x) for the ultimate test. At SoHo house to get some work done I felt smoothed out and held in. I sat down – and all was well. No cutting into my skin or sudden loss of consciousness. I stood up and then sat down. Then I stood up and sat down again. SKIMS was passing my test in varying skin-toned colors. 

I was happy to find that the bra portion of the bodysuit was lifting rather than flattening and the color and fit were flattering enough to wear about the house like loungewear. It’s also important to note I found SKIMS looks best sans-underwear to avoid disrupting the smooth appearance. My only qualm? Using the bathroom in the bodysuit is akin to wearing a romper in the summer. You’ve essentially got to undress completely. Regardless, it’s a small price I’m more than comfortable paying for the comfort and aesthetic of SKIMS. 

I also wore the SKIMS Sculpting Body Suit Oxide 2x/3x under my clothes during a shoot this week and I think it held up pretty well!

What do you think? Would you try out SKIMS? You can join the waitlist when you click the product image below.

PS. I grabbed the Solution Short #1 in the wrong size, and will review her soon!