Lady in Yellow #Sitataughtme

We all have mothers, sisters, aunties and grandmothers who guide us and mould us into the women we are today. But as we grow older, the beauty of friendships are that as women, we start to raise each other and guide each other. This outfit is inspired by a good friend of mine Sita Wassiamal. Sita taught me how to pull of sandal heels to look like a lady, how to make sure my hair is always combed and look presentable incase I meet my future husband in traffic. So as I put on the dress and shoes, I could hear her saying "You have to dress like a lady, you can't just leave your house looking any kind of way".  Now all I need to do is find somewhere to actually wear this outfit to, maybe the grocery store?

When the back is out, it needs to be out in style. My back had the honor of being dressed in one of the coolest necklaces I ever came across (I never even knew they made back necklaces!!!) I paired my dress with a Third Eye Body Necklace from jewelry designer Jewel Posse. What makes this piece more meaningful is the inspiration from the designer Nikki Bracy. 

"The necklace is based on the notion of being able to see things from all sides -- which is why it is worn to the back. It is important to give yourself a 360-degree view of life -- take an honest look at your past and your present so you can successfully shape your future." - Nikki Bracy

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Body Necklace - Jewel Posse Third Eye Body Necklace 

Ring - Tebazile (Custom Made) 

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