The Double Standards of S**y.

They say love your curves…but not like that.

They say you can be sexy at any size…but not like that.

They say love your self…but not like that.

They say don’t be ashamed of the body you are in…but not like that

Welcome to the double standards of sexy!

Where the slight peek of anything that a skinny person could get away with is called inappropriate when there is as much as a curve, a stretch mark or a bulge.

Where the only reaction you get from unapologetically showing off any given part of you that you love is deemed innapropriate…because we don’t know how to learn to look at curves as a norm.

Goodbye to the double standards of sexy…

I say…love your curves just the way you want to.

I say love yourself…the way you want to…yes just like that.

I say own the body you are in…EXACTLY like that.

I say you can be sexy at any size….let me show you.


THAT Hayet Rida

About the dress

I had the amazing pleasure of custom designing this dress with design house Slient Reign Designs. The outer shell of the dress is designed to conform to the standards of society. Below the knee... fully covered and not too tight. But the twist comes from showing a little bit of skin that allows every woman to show off the curves she has. 

Thank you to the team for seeing my vision. And to all my ladies...go ahead and get this dress.

No one can say that you aren't covered up!!!!

You can custom order the dress HERE.

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