Exploring This Season's Best Color - Leopard Print w/ Kate Spade


I was thinking the other day about what my favorite color was. I thought through all the hues I like and all the things I mostly own/wear. To be honest, I had to admit that my favorite color is actually Leopard. And before you roll your eyes, yes Leopard is actually a color. :-) I grew up around a lot of leopard print. My mother owns everything leopard and if she had her way, her gold dreadlocks would be leopard too!!! 

You can imagine how excited I was when I saw Leopard popping back into the fashion trend scene (not that I ever stopped wearing it). But this season I am seeing leopard print being used in more dressy looks. To be honest, everything I own in Leopard has been in shoes and bags.

One of my favorite brands to drop some amazing Leopard selections has been Kate Spade. I fell in love when I saw that they had a FULL collection dedicated. It was very hard to decide which piece to grab, but I wanted to pick something very versatile that I could wear in different ways.

I settled on the Leopard midi dress. Let me tell you, the detail and pattern on this dress is mind-blowing. Not only does it have intricate patterns, but there are extra glitter dots added to the pattern to give it a shimmer and glow when you wear it. I am a sucker for details so this sold me. 

I know you may all be shocked that my curves fit into Kate Spade and you will be pleasantly surprised that their sizing goes up to size 16 and their shoes go up to a size 11. Depending on the dress cut, size 18 ladies can fit into the 16. This dress in particular is a size 16 and it fit comfortably.

Have a look at my favorite dress of the season and stay tuned as I explore more options from Kate Spade in the future.


I am wearing a size 16 in the leopard dress. Please note that this dress does not have stretch, and my usual sizing is a 16. (Click below to shop)

A big thank you Kate Spade for partnering to share the new collection.