The Coat to End All Coats

Mannnn.... there are coats...and then there ARE COATS. This is the kind of coat where I can be naked under and no one will pay attention. If I stand outside in this coat, the paparazzi better show up. Heck, when they are calculating my dowry...they better include the cost of this coat.

Yes, it is an expensive coat. When I saw the initial price, I choked a little bit. But there was something about this coat...I knew I would have it forever. I mean...if I die already know what I will be wearing all the way to heaven.

The most annoying part is that this coat is now almost half you guys get to enjoy it for cheaper.



Jacket: I am wearing an XL. The fit is pretty great ( I wear a 16), however this wouldn't work with a thick sweater...yes I tried.

Shoes: I am wearing a size 10

Skirt and Top are super old.