Happy Monday! To help brighten up your week, here are a series of photos of myself in my favorite outfit...doing the thing I love to do the most. SMILE.

There is an actual story behind this series. I was shooting this last weekend and a beautiful woman stopped her car to run up to me to tell me I looked amazing. And after she took photos of me with her phone, she started yelling out compliments in a way that only a melanin queen can.




If you have ever wondered how I look when I am smiling from the depths of my soul..this series is a true celebration of genuine happiness and the joy that we as women can bring to each other.

And as you go into your week, remember that fixing another woman's crown will never affect yours. And together lets all shine!


Style Notes

PINK SET (Available HERE)

I am wearing a 2x in the top, bottoms and duster. I will note that this leotard is not made for big bellied ladies. Even though I have on a 2x it never got past my belly button, so I simply have it tucked into my undies.

SHOES (Available HERE)

These run true to size. I have on an 11.

Earrings (Available HERE)