A Special Look for A Special Day


This past weekend I was honored by FORD and Chicago's WGCI as a Chicago Lady of Success. For the days leading up to the event, I said that line over and over again hoping that it would feel real. The truth is that it will always feel like a dream, because the last year has been living my best life that I dreamfully curated.

I wanted to write a short post to say thank you, and to let you all know that I will never ever get used to this, and that in itself is the beauty of what I do. My happiness comes from seeing you all rocking outfits, believing that you can be super stylish no matter what you look like. My purest joy is when I get messages that you are all learning to love yourself over and over again. Some days, I don't always love the me that I see (I am perfectly human), and on those days I read all your messages again and again. (I have a folder in my phone where I save every one). So it is safe to say that you all inspire me and fuel me to keep inspiring you.

So, thank you. My blog is more than just clothes, each outfit is a reminder that you can get out of bed and own the day, whichever way it comes. 

My heart is so full. 


Dress - c/o Asos (Plus size available HERE, Straight size HERE)

Shoes - HERE