How I got a YSL bag for $165*


By now, you have set (and probably broken) all of your New Years Resolutions. I am a huge advocate for always giving you guys amazing tricks and hacks to stay fashionable without going broke doing so :-) And today I have another.

My mother always told me that a boss lady is always judged by two things...her outfit and her bag. I don't know where mummy got that saying, but I absolutely love it and live by it. If you have noticed, I have been carrying some amazingly bold bags lately...

Bags that are worth THOUSANDS...but I get for so much less! Let me tell you how!

I first got introduced to the concept of bag rental when I watched Sex and the City. I had always had an interest in the concept but never looked hard into it...simply because I thought I couldn't afford it.

Once I went minimalist, I needed to make space in my closet and couldn't live my lifestyle of over 20 purses. That is when I decided to explore Bag Borrow Or Steal.

Here are the steps.


When you go to their site, you have the option to browse hundreds of designers (From Hermes to Channel and even Celine). I wanted a super bright bag and fell in love with a yellow YSL number (this is a super rare color so I loved it more).

You select the borrow option (you can also buy it at a great rate if you would like). After going through a brief credit check and account bag was sent to me via mail. ( I opted for two day shipping, however there are ground options as well).

I received my bag two days later in AMAZING condition. It even came with an authenticity card to make sure I knew that this was the real deal.

So here is the honest truth. I fully support using this amazing service if you are someone who loves investment pieces and quality bags. I am the kind who gets tired of bags within a week and this allows me to switch my look around. 

You get to have name brands for a fraction of the price. I paid $165 for a $2000 YSL bag which to me is a great deal. After 30 days, I sent the bag bag using a provided shipping label and browsed for a new one.

I cannot wait to show you some of the amazing bags I experiment with over the next few months.

You can go ahead and check out Bag Borrow or Steal HERE

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