How To Slay At A Wedding - The Plus Size Edition

Last week I went to my darling friend Meredith's wedding. I am a serious planner when it comes to getting outfits together for events. As in, I will research what to wear to your wedding...even before your husband proposes.

For this event however, I had a really hard time. Things were either too casual, or basically too cinderella like. I almost gave up and called a seamstress to design something for me...but them I considered the cost of labour...and the cost of fabric. Lets just say I almost went to the wedding in sweatpants (#dramaticmuch?).

I had heard about Fame and Partner's previously from a few friends, but I always put it in my mind as a place that would definitely not have dresses for curvier figures....boy was I wrong.

Imagine this...a website that is honestly size inclusive. As in....each dress is available from size 0-22. As in...if the smaller women get a cute design....then I get a cute design. As in...a website without mumu dresses. As in...can you sense my joy? Now for the first time in my life, I was spoiled for choice. There were so many cute dresses that I had to take a break. It was such a weird feeling to be honest. 

I ended up going for a floor length maxi with a long slit, and a corset top. I am still very weird about showing my full arms, so I opted for the version of the dress that had a draping sleeve, which ultimately added a bit of elegance to the dress.

As if the site isn't amazing enough, there are options to make adjustments to each dress. If a dress is backless, there is usually an option to close the back. There are also options to raise necklines or close slits. This is ultimately the same as having a personal designer at the click of a finger. 

Below are some of the adjustment options for this particular dress.


I am wearing a size 18 in the above dress ( I am usually a 14/16). I will say when I try a site I have never tried, I always go one size up and alter down. I could have done with a  16 without an issue, but the 18 still looked super cute on me. I also encourage you to make sure to enter your height into the design system (especially if you want a specific dress draping on the floor).


The average dress retails between $250 - $350. For a formal dress, this is well worth the investment. I usually spend $200 on fabric ALONE when I am getting dresses  this is definitely worth the investment. Fame and Partners is also an environmentally friendly company so the clothes are made with sustainable practices.


If you have an event coming up, please order ahead. Remember these are custom made to you, so you need to allow a couple of weeks. On some designs, there is also a rush order  that could come in handy for any last minute events.

I really just want to know which one of you is starting to date now, so I can place my order for your wedding dress. No worries If you do not invite me...I will be there anyway!!!




A very big thank you to the Fame And Partner's team, for dressing me for an amazing wedding weekend, and for partnering on this post!!!