The Shop Smart Guide to 4th of July Sales

Happy 4th of July to all my American readers!!!!

My absolute favorite part of the holiday is stocking up on fashion items that I have been watching for weeks! Below I linked the top 10 items that I actually bought during the holiday sales.  I am on my super duper financial tip right now, so I made sure to follow the below steps to ensure I wasn't wasting my time.

1. All of these items can be mixed and matched together. Actually there are about 18 outfits that can be made total. The key is buying unique pieces that can make any outfit pop.

2. As you buy items, make sure to get rid of something in your closet. I have a pair of pink shoes (worn in the photo above). I have worn them for so long that they need to go. Because I bought the pair below, I will donate the ones above. (That way I don't end up with a crazy closet again).

3, Buy quality. Most of the items I listed are slightly above the average pricing, but during holiday sales are the best time to purchase items that will last you forever. My best shoes come from Sam Edelman or JCrew (I have had shoes from these places for almost 8 years and they look great).

Have fun shopping, and make sure that you are not just piling these pieces onto a credit card which will stress you out later. We are all collectively working towards financial freedom, so shop smartly!!! 



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