Never Ever Too Many Dots


Happy Monday!!! This weekend I celebrated the birthday of one of my dear friends Tino. To ring in the celebrations we headed to brunch at an amazing spot in Chicago called The Steak Bar. 

I am usually one to overdress everywhere I go and I absolutely love it. I wanted to rock an outfit that was super bold but had character that was truly I flooded the body with polka dots. I actually regret not having polka dot shoes!!!!!

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Style Notes

Dress - I am wearing a size 14 in Asos straight sizes. Note that this isn't too tight of a dress and actually stretches out as you wear it.

Coat - I have on a size 14. It isn't available in plus sizes yet, but it is such a roomy coat that you can rock it.

Shoes - These shoes live in almost every post of mine. They are a size 11 and are available in way too many colors. :-)

Bag - The pebbled leather on this baby is stunning. It also comes with a shoulder strap but I don't like those so I took it off.

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