The Tiffany Event x eBay


I received my first piece of TIffany’s jewelry from my older sister when I turned 21, and years later I saved up enough to buy myself my first pair of pearls. They simple joy of being able to buy amazing timeless pieces is something I continue to work hard for. In my dream world, I will buy enough Tiffany’s jewelry to be able to pass down to my daughters, and I can't wait to build the collection.

The good news is that this month eBay is having an exclusive Tiffany’s event with markdowns on classic pieces. Yes you read those two names in the same sentence...Ebay and Tiffany’s.

If you have never considered buying jewelry from eBay then this is the perfect time to try. The buyer guarantee ensures that you will be receiving original pieces from verified great condition.

So don't wait for this event to pass, see how I styled my look below and head over to Ebay to start shopping for yourself, your significant other and your future babies too!!!