Trying Out Trunk Club Style Service


Hands up if you have ever heard of Trunk Club?

Hands up If you knew that they carried a wide variety of sizes?

I was pleasantly surprised this season when I got the chance to try my hands at Trunk Club’s  service.

The Trunk service is designed to give you access to a personal stylist who curates items based on your size and fit. The items are sent to you, and you get to keep what you like and send back what you don’t. While the service was pretty seamless, what I enjoyed the most was my interactions with my personal Trunk Club stylist Anna. It wasn't a robot, it was a real person who I got to chat with in depth. I shared with her what I looked for in clothing and what I absolutely hated. From there she took a stab at sending me an online lookbook which I got to give feedback on. Even when I rejected items, she would take the time to ask me questions that helped her understand more about me as a person and the role the clothes I wore had in my life.

Out of all the outfits she sent, this is the one I loved the most because it clearly represented the guidelines I gave (Fun prints, flattering cuts and bold shoes). Have a look below and see how I brought our vision to life and click here to sign up for Trunk Club today!