Styling The Nike Plus Size Collection

The last time I was this excited, Beyonce released an album...


This is not a drill!!!!! I have been obsessed with Nike for AGES, and while I have been able to wiggle my curves into some of their straight size pieces....I am so much happier with this full collection! The pieces range from fun and bold tights all the way down to branded basics. 

Okay so here is the skinny. 

The pants - THEY SUCK HOLD AND MOLD everything all together. Trust me, I have tried them in all sorts of situations!!! They also run true to size so get your regular sizing!

The tops - These are great quality! To be honest, I am not the kind who wears tight tops so I opted for the loose fitted top. I have washed it four times so far and the color is still intact...which says a lot!

The Jacket - Don't tell anyone, BUT i have slept in this, and worn it outside. That usually means I like something :)

Shop all my faves below!!!!