This is not a new year new me fitness post

This is not a new year new me fitness post

This year, is not about new year new body.

I made a decision to let go of that form of mentality, and adapt the use of the word “better”. Why? It is simple, to say a new body, new you, means that you hated what was there before. However, to say that there is a better version of something is merely to say you are working to fulfill the full potential.

So, this year, I want the same me…but even better.

One of the ways in which I am adapting this is to focus on making things in my life appealing. Everyone knows how much I LOVE fashion, but for the longest time, I wore the same all black ensemble to the gym and on all active occasions. So, in order to better enjoy the active life, I spent a great amount of time finding pieces that I would be so excited to wear every week.

But I am also learning not to set goals I cannot keep. I have vowed to try new activities like I try new restaurants, to shop for gym clothes like I shop for dresses, and to enjoy the feeling of running shoes like I enjoy a bold pair of heels. The key here is to take your existing behavior and apply it to the things that you want to work on.

All this goes to say that I have another excuse to keep shopping, and pushing my fashion boundaries. As I explored new looks, I realized that one thing I have never done is neon when it comes to gym outfits. But while looking through the active wear section of the JCPenney website, I came across the perfect abstract pants and a matching neon pink fleece workout top.

What I loved about it the most was that it was cool enough to sweat in, but had some thickness to it which allowed for me to wear it outside as well.

Lastly, to keep it all consistent, I got a new pair of shoes to match the outfit. These Nike shoes had a bit of neutrality to them with the grey, but still had the added pop that I love oh so much.

Thank you to JcPenney for partnering with me on this post. S

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