The Plus Side of Nike!

The Plus Side of Nike!

If you have been living under a rock, you may have missed the news that Nike officially launched a plus size collection. Yes, a collection that caters to women of all sizes and shapes. A collection that actually has pieces designed to understand the way our bodies move, react and work. 

From the get-go I have been a huge fan of this collection, and have owned almost every single piece. However, when it comes to fitness clothing, I will not share items that I have not actually tested in person. With the addition of new styles and pieces this year, I worked with the Nike team in Chicago to actually put the clothing to test, with none other than Nike's master trainer Emily Hutchins. (she is such a badass...but I will get to that later).


A few weeks ago, I met the Nike team at On Your Mark Studios, which is where Emily usually trains her clients. I must admit, as a curvy woman, it is often very intimidating to go into a training facility. I always feel like I may not be strong enough, or fast enough or fit enough....always seeming to forget that this is the very reason why I am there (silly me).

When I arrived, the Nike team was waiting there with a big white box. One of the best things about this test was that they wanted me to put items to test straight out of the box so I could give a true honest opinion. 

Inside the box were the core basics I needed. A classic gym jacket, a running tank, a pair of shorts (which scared me at first), a pair of Nike essential tights and some fun accessories to style my look. One of my favorite pieces in the box were actually the shoes. I am very strict when it comes to shoes I will wear. I stay away from shoes that have too many prints and colors in them, so you will actually see my joy when the team presented me with a CRIIIIIIIISSSSSP pair of Nike TR7 training shoes. I still actually get excited everytime I see them.

Update: Since the shooting of this, I have actually worn the shoes several times and actually trained outdoors in grass... there must be magic in those shoes, because they repelled dirt and are still as white as snow.

My first thoughts after putting on the outfit was actually the comfort level. I am so used to force fitting myself into gym clothes that are stylish but not my size, and unfortunately became used to the feeling of disappointment in fit. THESEEEEE were so soft and comfortable, and actually felt like I could wear them in and out of the gym. The tights were on a different many times have you been in Zumba class and had to keep pulling up tights that kept sliding down your tummy? These were high waisted and stayed all the way up. 

After trying on everything, I sat down to talk with Coach Emily. She was such an amazing woman who truly believes that there is power in every single one of matter what you look like or feel like. She doesn't even know this, but one of the things that struck me was that she never asked me how much weight I wanted to lose. Do you know how rare that is? Never ever in my life had I met a trainer who didn't assume that the reason I was there was because I must hate what I look like. I will always respect her for that!!!

Instead, we spent time talking about goals of what I wanted to push my body to be able to do. I wanted to run again after an injury, I wanted to learn to box, and most importantly I wanted fitness to feel like so so so much fun again. Never in my rant did she tell me it was impossible...all she said was "lets go have some fun". If you need to ever pick a have to to go to her. sigh. 

But don't get me wrong, she put me and my new clothing to WORK!!!! We wanted to push my limits and the limits of the clothes. We wanted to put the tights in conditions that would go beyond what you may see in an average class, we wanted to see how the jacket worked in different temperatures (it actually kept me cool and wicked the sweat away). The shoes were super comfortable and I never felt that weird fear you have that your shoe won't support all the weight. 

If I had to grade this collection...I would give it a 15/10. Not just because it is Nike....but because Nike took what made them Nike (comfort, technology, precision and style) and applied it to a collection that understood little things such as sliding tights, rubbing thighs and bigger boobs. 

I am always proud of brands like Nike who push the boundaries for curvier women. Although I often ask them what took so long to make this amazing collection.... :-)

For your convenience, I have linked all the items I wore at the end of the post, and also have a super exciting announcement with Nike!!!! Keep scrolling....

On August 31st, I will be hosting the first Plus Sized Focused event with Nike here in Chicago. It is going to be an amazing experience and you will get to see, touch, and feel the collection in person!!!!!!

If you would like to attend, please make sure you register HERE

You can also shop the collection below:

STYLE NOTES: This collection fits true to size. I am a 16 and I wear the 1x in all the pieces (The pants have  a lot of stretch).

For shoes I am usually a 10, 10.5 or 11. Nike shoes are super comfortable and I usually wear a size 10 in them.


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