The Bright Future for Nike Plus


Many of you will remember the first time I shared the news about Nike's plus size line. Almost two years later I am so proud of their continued efforts within the plus size fashion space. The world may think we need to wear baggy t-shirts to train, but Nike keeps delivering on their signature classic style.

This month is super exciting for myself, especially when it comes to Nike!!! If you live in Chicago you are the luckiest ever, because the Nike Global Women's team is flying here to test their latest collection...and guess who is hosting???? MEEEEEEEE!!!!

On June 14th I will be spending the day with Nike members, design and tech teams...trying on clothes...and putting them to the test with my coach Emily Hutchins. That is the beauty of Nike's plus commitment. Not only do they want to give our curves the right style but also the right technology!!! I told the team when I spoke to them that they will be getting the hard feedback about which pants hold my tummy and which tops get sucked into my rolls. (two snaps).

SO how can you be a part of it too?

Well on June 15th and 16th we will open the fit test to the public. All you do is sign up, come train with us (wearing some amazing Nike gear), and then we get to sit with the team and give them true feedback on how everything fit your body.

Before you sign up, I am going to get into big sister mode with you!!!! Remember that our bodies can do MAGIC! I don't want to hear that you were too shy to come and train because you were intimidated!!!! I will be there, and if it makes you feel any better I will take my top off and let my belly out!!! I cannot wait to see you!!!! Sign up below, and check out my shoot for the sneak peek of the New Nike Plus arrivals!!!