Feeding the soul - A stay cation at the Hyatt Centric Loop

You want to know what one of my biggest flaws is?

I do too much.

I always knew as a little girl that I would make a name for myself doing something, but I never knew that it would be as a blogger.  For the last six years, I worked my butt off to prove that a girl from Ghana who still doesn't know how to use commas, or do math can actually have a successful advertising career. But last year, I decided that I had more room on my plate to add blogging to my list of achievements....and with all the hula baloo came a string of emotional periods of stress and lack of motivation for anything. why?

Because I do too much!

I read an interesting article that talked about the power of checking your soul into rehab every few months, a phrase that simply means take a vacation away from everything. But with the thought of a vacation itself came the challenge of planning, investing and actually forcing myself to take time away from both my jobs. 

So here is the truth. While the term vacation means to disconnect and put yourself in a different emotional, mental and physical space, It actually never required that you run far away from where you are now. 

So I decided to check into the nearest hotel for a weekend of mental relaxation. I chose to stay at the Hyatt Centric in Chicago's Loop neighborhood. I am blessed to live right in the heart of the city, around several different hotels...but I knew that I needed a place that was a perfect medium of mental stimulation and relaxation.

A place that was both vibrant but also calm.

I will be honest with you, on the first day I actually did not leave my room. There was something magical about being in a new space, a space that is all white...almost like a blank mental canvas. 

I could have made the decision to disconnect from all social channels for the weakend, but I actually chose not to. I wanted a chance to experience the online world in a way where I was just an observer and not a curator. For the most part, I actually took the time to read articles that I had bookmarked on my phone, answer a weeks worth of unread text messages, and to practice the luxury of just laying down and thinking of nothing at all.

On my second day, I decided to live like a tourist a little bit. I spent most of my morning on the AIRE rooftop bar which was perfectly situated at the top of the hotel. The view was literally to die for, and was the perfect 360 degree vantage point of the Chicago skyline. The best part was getting there at 11am right when they opened to be able to take in the view before the Chicago brunch crowd arrived.

The Aire team was so amazing, even taking the time to custom making me a cocktail that they said was inspired by my outfit. :-)

So here is the honest truth. A staycation is super relaxing. It isn't as relaxing as actually taking a vacation to lay on the beach in Jamaica. BUT, I will say that it is a perfect pause button when you can't take the time to actually plan and fully invest in a trip out of the country. 

After leaving, I vowed to myself that I would take a stay cation at least every four months, just to give myself something mentally freeing to be able to look forward to. The beauty of the entire trip was that It still gave me the same mental effect that going away would.

I was able to regroup my thoughts, disconnect, set new goals for myself and mentally prepare to take over the world.

So what is stopping you from taking one?



Learn more about the Hyatt Centric Here.