My Stay at The Grand Geneva (30% discount included)!


This has to be one of my favorite travel posts to write. A few weeks ago, myself and some amazing Chicago women embarked on a trip down to Lake Geneva for a mini getaway. If you have come to know me, you will understand that I am geographically challenged when It comes to America. (I didn't know where Chicago was until sometime last year). 

When I was invited on this trip I thought, oh great we are going somewhere that is only two hours away from cannot feel like paradise. OH BOY WAS I WRONG! We literally left the city and went through a magic tunnel (also known as a highway) and ended up in a place that is the perfect getaway without getting too far away... The Grand Geneva at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Here is a quick tour of what we got up to.

When we first arrived, we took a quick tour of the property in a cute little trolley. Fun things I learned were that this used to be a playboy property years ago, and it still has fun little cues to remind you of such (e.g.. Bunny shaped lake). The area has golf courses, tennis courts, a spa, several restaurants and even a ski resort in the winter time. 

Some of the summertime/fall activities include sports, hiking and even archery. You definitely know which one I chose for the afternoon activity. I had never tried archery before...and to be honest I had to google what it was :-) 

With a few struggles at first, I ended up getting the hang of it and shot some arrows very very far away. 

The highlight of the property was the rooms. Many of you know that I always like to feel at home when I travel and having a place that doesn't have too much of the hotel feel is what I love the most.

We stayed at the newly renovated villas on the property. Ours was a two bedroom, two bathroom, two floor and too cute villa. I literally felt like I was in my own house. What I loved the most was that although these had a country feel, they were still super modern with updated kitchens, bathrooms, dining area and even a lovely porch to lay out in. was very hard for me to even leave the place to go have some fun with the girls.

Another cool part about the villas is that they come with a private pool which is very separate from the main pool area which can feel a little crowded. While there we saw only a few guests and had most of the area to ourselves.

For dinner that night, we headed over to the Geneva Chophouse which had probably the best views and seafood I had ever had.  Here, we got to enjoy a dinner that was filled with carefully selected chef items. If you go here, I will highly highly recommend to the lamb.

Overall, the Grand Geneva Resort is the perfect getaway for you and the family, you and the girls, or even you and your significant other. There is enough to do that you can bond with whoever you go with, or choose to have individual experiences. 

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