If you saw the tour of my apartment, you would notice that I have very very limited space for a work area. Actually there was a nook by my bathroom that I turned into my glam area instead. 

As my blog continued to grow, and my life started to blur together...I noticed that every part of my home was my office. And amongst other factors, I was never fully at home. I knew I needed to make an effort to create spaces in my home where I could simply be Hayet, and other spaces where I could be the boss lady. 

My rules were simple, I needed a desk that was white, it needed to be small and have shelves. It also needed to fit my dream iMac desktop. 


Over the last year, I became EXTREMELY good friends with the measuring tape, and Pinterest. I actually even considered having the desk custom made...until I got the $800 quote. 

Tip: Do not ever settle until you find exactly what you are looking for. Do not let a sale or a salesperson fool you. I knew exactly what I wanted and I kept researching until I found the perfect one.


Desk: The desk is part of a larger system (incase you have space for side shelves). It was super easy to build and I did it on my own in an hour. Mine currently is simply leaning against my desk without needing fastening.

Chair : This is actually the stool I use at my beauty station. I am currently on the hunt for a brown leather arm chair. (I decided on not to opt for an office chair since I sit in one at work all day). If I end up finding one I like, I will update the post.

Plants : I have Algerian Ivy as I love how it hung down. These need a ton of love, and mine died during my heavy travel time. I am getting a new one and going to try again.

Computer: My desktop is an IMAC 27 inch. This fits perfectly on the desk, and I love it.