A Stylish FriendsGiving with The RoomPlace

A Stylish FriendsGiving with The RoomPlace

It feels like forever ago when I spent my first thanksgiving in America. I was in college, and my then roommate, Martina, invited me to spend it with her family in Cincinnati. I remember being super confused by all the new foods, especially Brussel sprouts…and also slightly overwhelmed by how much love was in the room. It actually felt like Christmas to me.

Since my first time, I have floated to many people’s welcoming homes over the last ten years and tried many different things. However, the one thing that always stuck with me was the deep deep deep love that was set in each home.

This year, I celebrated my 10th year of living in America (Crazy right?!?!?), so I figured in true fashion I would host my own thanksgiving….or should I say Friendsgiving. Since everyone had family occasions planned on the actual day, I organized mine the Sunday before…mostly so I could set the bar high (just kidding…or maybe not). I grabbed my two closest work friends and we had a fun evening in the chicest way possible. In true Hayet fashion…there was indeed a dresscode.

Funny enough, I learned that when it came to hosting, the food is actually the simplest part, everything else is the actual challenge. Questions about place settings, glasses, napkins…all things my mother would usually worry about were now my responsibility. But for me (in my new interior decorator mode, I knew that as long as I had a statement piece…everything else could be built around it).

Thanks to the amazing team at The Roomplace, I was able to get my center piece….yes..a dining table. But this wasn’t just any sort of dining table…the chic kind that matched my actual fashion and home style. I am still very minimalist in my approach to decorating and so having a glass table was my actual dream. My favorite part of the Britney Dinette Set, was  the wooden carved sculpture base, and because I loved it so much we actually opted not to have place mats…just so we could see its beauty throughout the entire dinner.

All in all, I would say it was an amazing success and everyone actually left happy. We used this time to give thanks for our friendships and set new goals for how we could support each other as we go into the last section of the year.

I also want to take this time to again thank all of you who continue to support me every single day. Our conversations keep me humble and I appreciate each and every one of you. As a little thanksgiving gift, I have partnered with The RoomPlace to give 25% off the Britney Dinette Collection with special code BRIT25, now through 12/4. You can also have a look at some of their other amazing collections (HERE) where you can enjoy 20% off.

Thank you all again, and happy happy thanksgiving.


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