A Gift Guide of Gifts That Keep On Giving


My minimalist journey has not only removed unwanted clutter from my home, but also taught me how to be strategic and intentional about the things that I let into my home. This holiday season, I spent time on the West Elm website trying to figure out what my perfect gifting items were. I have been a huge fan of West Elm since I was in college, because they have amazingly unique pieces for really great prices.

I wanted to make sure that I not only shared quality and unique items with you all, but items that could have more than one use in the home. and most importantly to give you guys interesting ways to think of how you gift items to family and friends this season. PS - most of the clutter we get in our homes is from unwanted gifts.

I settled on an interesting combination of items... a set of trays, a lamb throw and glasses. I promise it all makes sense in the end.

The Glasses

Glasses are one of those items that are a given in any home, but they are also one of the items that can become super cluttered. Yes, before my purge I had at least twenty glasses. It was super important to have very practical glasses for my new lifestyle. 

I ended up settling on the Heavy Stackable Glasses set that retails for only $19 for four. These are perfect because in the cupboard, they sit on top of each other allowing you to have a lot more space for other items. 

I opted to get both short and tall to allow for me to use for both cocktails as well as white wine if needed.


For red wine glasses, I have always wanted a set of the big balloon glasses almost like Olivia Pope. I found this amazing set of Claret Goblet Glasses that retail for $48 for a full set of 6! Can you imagine?

You know when you get fancy glasses, so you just want to be fancy with your friends? Yes that is what happened. I had Leah and Danielle over and we lived our best classy lives....with our fancy glasses. 



I am well overdue for a throw, so I decided that this would be the perfect time to get one. I mean have you ever experienced Chicago winter???? When picking a throw, I always consider the softness, the shed factor and the texture. 

This faux sheepskin throw is as soft as the real thing and looked so chic all over my home. If you know me, you will know that this throw found its way in all areas of my home. Have a look below.



Definitely one of the most versatile pieces I got were this set of trays. I ABSOLUTELY love anything that is wooden, and also love gold accents. This was basically created for me. The best part is that this tray has continued to serve multiple purposes.

To be honest, I first got the trays because my mother said a lady should never put her food on her lap....and then I took it much further.



I hope you enjoyed this gift guide as much as I enjoyed putting it together!!! A huge thank you to the West Elm team for partnering on this post!!