Curves are Trending, and #HereIAm

Summer holidays in the US were always an exciting time for me and my friends. It was always fun to come back home and see whet we had all purchase abroad. But as I grew older, I started to realize that my purchases were made up of touristy tshirts, hair accessories and cool sneakers. Why? Because those were the guaranteed things that would fit me.

Fast forward to today, I am able to walk into more stores than I ever could have imagined and purchase things that actually do not look like tents. While we still have a long way to go, It is great to see that culture is turning "plus size" from a medical handicap into a celebration of diversity. One of the brands that is really championing this push is JCPenney.

This season, JCPenney is collaborating with Project Runway winner Ashley Nell Tipton on their new Boutique+ collection. To help showcase the collection, JCPenney has created a docuseries that showcases Ashley Nell Tipton’s journey, how she created the new Boutique+ line, and continues the message of body positivity JCPenney started with #HereIAm this summer.

I had the pleasure of watching this series before it came out, and I immediately hit the subscribe button. What I love the most is that It is an unfiltered look into the challenges that Ashley faces as she maneuvers through the fashion industry, holding the proverbial torch for so many women who proudly look like her.

This is a must see - watch below

Thank you to JCPenney for partnering with me to allow me to share this amazing series with you!