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A Full Review of the new Samsung Galaxy 8

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A Full Review of the new Samsung Galaxy 8

This post was created in partnership with Samsung.

As a blogger, my phone is literally the center of who I am and I am always looking to stay up to speed with the latest features that help me create the best content.

When I look for a phone, I spend many hours reading reviews online hoping to understand what all the verbiage means. The good news is that thanks to the folks at Samsung, I no longer need to!! The Samsung Galaxy S8 checks all the boxes I am looking for in a smartphone – intuitive, easy-to-use, and cutting edge technology!

Last week I had the opportunity to visit the Samsung Studio Pop-Up located at Chicago’s Navy Pier. I had so much fun exploring the new features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. Before I get into the things I love about the Studio and Galaxy S8, here is a quick recap video.

The Samsung Studio was divided into sections that brought to life some of the great features of the Galaxy S8 smartphone. Knowing that my main use for the phone would be the camera, I spent most of my time playing around with it and testing it out in different scenarios. Here are my top 3 things I love about the Galaxy S8.


Infinity Screen

I have read so much about the Infinity Screen but I am ashamed to say I never really understood its true value until I played with it. 

A lot of times when taking photos or videos, I love to capture the beautiful scenes I’m shooting. Sadly, other smartphone screens will crop out the scene because the screen is unable to capture the full environment. The Infinity Screen on the Samsung Galaxy S8 ensures that what your camera sees is what you see too.


Screen quality

I used to edit a ton of photos on my old smartphone, and the colors frequently did not appear the same quality as they were when uploaded to Instagram.  I will say – the image and color quality on the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone screen are truly some of the best I have ever seen. 


Camera quality

You heard it here first…the Galaxy S8 camera is the best smartphone camera I have ever worked with. The image quality is so crisp (almost the same as reality!). The best part is that the front and back cameras are equally great, which means that in the next few weeks I will be spamming you with limitless selfies. The front-facing camera has 8mp and the back/rear camera has 12mp, so my beautiful face will be crystal clear!



Have a look at some more photos from the different areas of the Samsung Studio Pop-Up, and be sure to check out the Studio in your city this fall! See the full list of Studio locations here.

(ps - Stay tuned for a post entirely shot with the Samsung Galaxy S8).

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