Celebrating Reality with LG


One of my favorite things about going to events is seeing how brands really bring their mission and vision to life! This past weekend I spent some time with the folks from LG as they celebrated their #LGthisisreal campaign by hosting a pop up event in the ever crowded millenium park. 

The #LGTHISISREAL campaign is what the world needs now. In a social media world where we all celebrate our best selves...LG is taking a stand to have people share their true and authentic selves (something you all know I have been championing since day 1). Have a look at how they brought this to life below.


When I first arrived, I headed over to the Promise Booth where I recorded a quick video and took a photo as a commitment to my self. I made a promise to myself that holds more meaning than many of you will ever know. To me, it has always been important to be proud of who I am, and where I am. A lot of times we spend hours chasing perfection and forget to celebrate every step of the way.

The next step was to head to their vending machine to win prizes that helped celebrate my commitment to being proud. The energy around this area was so crazy. As the machine put out prizes, the crowds cheered really loud as people won the new LG V30 phones, flat screen tv's and voice activated devices. The best part is that EVERYONE won a prize...which never happens!

Finally, to top it all off, I headed to the custom center to customize a bag that held all my goodies in them. The fun part was that the customization station allowed me to celebrate the city of Chicago while celebrating my commitment. 

The team that made the bags were not just printing bags, their commitment was evident and each time they printed you could tell that they were sealing in someones future commitment.

This event was a super huge success in the end, and I cannot wait for you all to get to experience it in your city soon. If you want to join LG’s movement and make your own promise, be sure to visit LGThisIsReal.com. Thank you to the LG team for having me!!!

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