I don't think I can ever get over the joy I felt when I first got the phonemail that Eloquii was opening a retail store in Chicago. Just think about it...for years I have had to build a relationship with digital versions of clothing. Very rarely have I been able to go into a store and actually touch, try on and feel clothing. So was more important than EVER!!!

The Eloquii team gave me first access to the store to be able to share my favorite parts with you. So here goes...

The store is located on the second floor of the Shops at Northbridge (Nordstrom building) right in downtown Chicago!!! This amazingly curated destination has vibrant prints, comfy seating and a staff that is a true representation of the amazing personality of the Brand. One thing I loved was the fact that in true inclusive fashion...the mannequins are plus sized too!!!!!

One of the key features in the store is the VIP suite. This suite is available to ALLLL customers who book a styling appointment with the staff in store. It features a full on lounge and attached dressing room. This is an amazing experience that can allow you to bring your friends, family and even your significant other. And hey... stay tuned, maybe I will be hosting some amazing personal style sessions for you guys!!!

Another amazing feature is this custom printed wall. I actually cannot wait to see how many photos and selfies you amazing ladies shoot in front of it. The best part of the wall is the story behind it. One of the amazing ELoquii customers actually created the print that went into the wall here!!!!

As a plus sized woman who sometimes wants to put her computer away and experience the cultural phenomenon of "going shopping with the girls", I am super proud of the moves that ELoquii has been making. It is super important to continue to support brands that keep our needs at the core of their plans. 

The good news is that the store will be open for a FULL year and I hope you all go out to support. This weekend alone, they are offering 30% off all clothing in store and you even get a fancy tote to go with your goodies!!!

See you all soon!!!!!!

ps - If you don't live in Chicago and want to shop my outfit, I have linked it below!

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