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If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far...go together. - African Proverb
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I was initially going to write this post as an official recap of my Nike Plus Size Fashion Event, but a lot has happened over the last few days and I wanted to tell a different story.I wanted to tell a story about believing in yourself and understanding your true purpose one earth.

Nothing can ever describe the feeling on Thursday when I walked onto the Nike stage and saw so so many people gathered around to hear me talk and to see the clothes I had styled. But that very moment was the finale of months of conversations, and planning, and challenging the team to believe in my vision.

See, when I first got the opportunity to work with Nike, I had a moment to myself where I decided that this dream partnership was going to be bigger than just me. This partnership was a big moment for women that looked like me. This partnership was a moment where I had the larger responsibility to open doors to bring plus women deeper into the Nike family. This was the moment when women all over the world could believe that they had a place in the Nike family.

You guys always get to see the end product, but there is an army of women and men behind me to keep me going further and further. And I am going to use a few paragraphs to call out the people who believe in me.

I want thank EVERY SINGLE person who has been with me on this journey. To the people who send me notes, who comment on every post. To the people who show up to every single event, who watch every snap, who shop the clothes I wear. I actually would not have the opportunities I have today without your support. TRUE FACT!

To the women in my Nike Plus Squad, You made this event even more amazing. You all gave me energy and brought my vision to life.  You never questioned my crazy decisions and you all joined in on a journey that has officially made history.

To my Nike family ( Erica, Kathy, Katie April, Heter!!!)  Gosh, sometimes I wonder how you guys seem to get even more amazing as we strengthen our partnerships. You have never said no to me, and you constantly give me the foundation and platform to keep inspiring so many women out there.

To my rocks Udodi, Tino and Abi, Leah, Danielle. You guys show up to EVERY SINGLE EVENT and make sure the world knows that you are there to scream for your friend...very loudly!!!! You gals push me and keep me humble. With every achievement you remind me that this is only the beginning and I have the strength to keep pushing further.

To my dearest friend and support system Dan, from the moment when I decided to be a blogger, you have given me tough love and kept pushing me to never give up. You have been there for every tear, panic attack and success. Thank you for keeping my head on straight and never letting fame change me.

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