The Best Red Lips for Brown Skin


Would you believe if I told you that years ago I didn't wear color on my lips? 

Once I tried a good red liptick, I changed my mind entirely!!!! I thought it would be a great idea to share my absolute favorite red lipticks for my skin tone. Please note that ALL the ones listed are ones that I own.


When putting on the banging red lips, always make sure that your lips are moisturized. I use simple vaseline, because it leaves my lips soft without being so glossy. You really do not want glossy lips to start with or the lipstick won't stick. 

To help my lipstick stay longer, I apply one layer, then dust my lips with setting powder ( I use Laura Mercier ), and then after that I apply a second layer...then put tissue on my lips (do the weird mum mum mum motion), then put the last layer on. 

Thank me later :-)


In the photo, I have on the Pat McGrath Lipstick ( I know this wasn't one of the occasions, but you guys are special okay?).

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