My Heat Proof Makeup Routine



I cannot stress enough the importance of prepping your skin the right way for makeup. I can always tell when my skin isn't fully hydrated because my makeup starts to look baked on and a bit chalky. I heavily invest in skincare and have LOVED Kiehl's products for years.

I start with their ultra cleansing face wash (this thing can remove tar from deep inside your pores). Next I apply the Vitamin C serum, this is an oil and you need literally one drop. Its a bit expensive but one bottle can last me about six weeks.

Once done, I mix YSL and MAC primer and massage onto my skin. Your skin will automatically start to feel like a babies bottom. Once I feel that silky feeling, then I am ready for my actual makeup routine.

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This part of the routine is also incredibly important, because it lays down the groundwork for a fabulous glow. 

Once I am done with my prepping of skin, I actually set my bare face with the Laura Mercier setting powder. It may look white but don't worry it will absorb into your skin for a powder finish. This helps to start absorbing oil throughout the day.

For my skin foundation I absolutely swear by Lancome (I use color 465). I have very sensitive skin so this is the only thing that works for me. I also add in two drops of Lancome bronzer for a natural looking glow. Don't worry you won't look like a disco ball. 

To finish it off, I dust over MAC skin finish (very little) just to set my face.

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I fell in love with Stila Concealer months ago and haven't swayed since. I use a beauty blender to apply it under my eye and then set it with the same Laura Mercier powder. Once I dust of the excess I actually apply lighter foundation powder under my eyes to keep it all in place without worrying about sweat and oil. Throughout the day I will also use the same foundation powder for touch ups.



It is important that I use powder blushes and contour on my skin in the heat. As a dark skinned woman, NARS makes the BEST blushes hands down. When I want a pinkish look, I will use Dolce Vita, when I want a red look I use Exhibit A, and when I want a bronze Godess look I use Taj Mahal. 

For Highlighter, I actually use Tarte eyeshadow. It is super pigmented so take your time before you end up looking like Foil.


I make sure to treat my lips as a key part of my routine. I prep them with an amazing coconut oil I found at ULTA. This goes on like gloss and deeply hydrates your lips. For my lip finish I simply use NARS lipgloss in Chelsea Girls. It is pink enough for my dark skin without looking too bright.

For my eyes, I swear by MAC mascara. I usually use a quick swipe before I put on lashes. If I am not putting on lashes I will use about 2-3 coats.