My Mother's Daughter - A Walk On The Plus Side Of Ghanaian Fashion

I have always described my style as classic with a POP, and I have always wondered where that came from. Looking back on the women I was surrounded with as I blossomed into a young woman, It is quite evident. I absolutely love my mother's sense of style - she is fearless when it comes to putting bold jewelry and prints together (basically the Ghanaian Iris Apfel). My oldest sister Nana Akua is one who wears her country with pride all the time. I always admired how she would have jeans and a top on, but would have her hair wrapped up in a traditional cloth or as we would call "duku". And lastly my sister Afua. She is proudly the mix of my sister and mother. Afua is able to take elements of our culture and mix them with modern style, drizzled with an unapologetic boldness that I absolutely admire. 

And so when you look at all the women I was surrounded by, you can start to understand my "all over the place" style choices. There are some days you can clearly see I am my mother's daughter, and other days I live and breathe with style notes based on my sisters. I guess that is the benefit of being the youngest. :-)

What I loved about this lookbook was that I was able to express my true style while proudly showcasing my bright and colorful culture.  I am blessed to be surrounded by even more creative women in the Ghanaian and Nigerian fashion industry who keep carrying the cultural torch high!

Have a look at my favorite plus size looks and be sure to say hello to the designers. Tell them Hayet sent you!!!

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Christie Brown


Mina Evans

Asikere Afana

Photography: Victor Fuentes

Makeup: Angella Grizzard

Styling: Afua Rida

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