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More Ways That Won

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Everyone has that one outfit that they go when they want to feel good. Some call it a freakum dress, little black dress, get your man back dress, dowry dress etc. Well, since you won't catch me in a body con dress on a sunny day, I wanted to share my favorite EVERYTHING wrap dress. 

I received this dress from Karina dress, an amazing brand that basically should outfit my entire closet. They have so many wrap dresses in so many colors and prints that I didn't know what to choose. In the end, I settled for a print dress that was busy enough to cover up my bump and grinds. Take a look at the ways I got my moneys worth from this dress. AKA - The many ways to avoid doing laundry.

1. Keeping It Basic - Because sometimes attitude is all you need

2. Take it up a notch with a white blazer - because no one can tell me when I can or cannot wear white.

3. Throw on a skirt - Because my knees are ticklish :-)

4. Now add it all up, because that was the only thing I was good at in math class. 

That was fun :-).  Now get your own Karina Dress and wear it more ways than one.


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